Christmas 1984



Mum (Grace Broad) is in Papworth and Dad (Fred Broad) is staying with us at Little Paxton

Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th December 1984 – 45m19s - Christmas 1984


By now Della is 6 months old and is playing with Debbie, a precocious little girl and Daniel, quite the young man and no longer so camera shy. The fantail doves are also shown fully settled in. My Father Fred Broad is staying with us and playing with the children as they open their presents and then Grace Broad phones from Papworth Hospital, where she is staying in pending her 4th January heart bypass operation. The scene moves there as the grandchildren open more presents there with her with Grandad and our family. Later on, Diana’s Jackson family visits with Charles senior, Norma, Sue and Chas with Chrisula; the latter getting very broody with baby Daniella. The film ends with a rare appearance by me on a ‘Piece to Camera’ summarising the very successful year of 1984.

Detailed Content

The video starts off on Monday 24th December with shots of the Christmas Tree, numerous Christmas Cards and the festive scene. All of the stockings and pillow cases are out ready for the arrival of Fathr Christmas as was the mince pie and sherry. It follows on for Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December (15m25s) with all of the presents having arrived . Debbie is first up (4m20s) with Daniel opening their presents and Diana reading her card from Daniel (6m30s). I am pictured (9m45s) reading my card and present from Daniel. Della makes an appearance (11m20s) smiling and enjoying her first Christmas. My Dad arrives (12m10s) and spends time with his grandchildren. The scene changes to outside (18m20s) to view our newly-landscaped riverside gardens and then the fantail doves (19m20s) with their wall-mounted dovecote. Christmas Lunch with Dad (24m5s) and then the phone rings (24m40s) with Mum calling from Papworth. We visit her there (25m30s) and open some more presents . Dad with Daniella (26m0s) with three generations together in unusual circumstances. Back home on Boxing Day 26h December where Diana’s Mum and Dad (Charles and Norma) visit (42m06s) with their son Chas and his wife Chrisula enjoying Daniella with Di’s sister Sue (43m0s) also there. My concluding piece to camera (44m50s).

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 11th April 2013. David Broad