David Broad 38th Birthday



I have been busy making improvements to our house and installing dovecotes and now doves in Little Paxton and now I stopped and took stock of things after several months of retirement on my 38th birthday

Saturday 3rd November to Sunday 4th November 1984 – 19m2s - My 38th Birthday weekend


This video chronicles the developments that we had made at our Little Paxton home/s. It starts with Debbie playing in the garden in our new house at 6 Willow Close (before it was joined with 7 Willow Close to become ‘The Hayling View’), also No 39 Gordon Road, very nearby, (with its pond and fish and signs from where I started boat hiring before starting my computer business at the same house), the riverside gardens with the river and my flock of ducks with their wooden home ‘Duck City’), the new fantail doves (with their restraining cage until established). Then our neighbours and new friends John and Brenda arrive with their children for a party and then some lovely scenes the next day with my mother and father (Grace and Fred Broad) playing with their grandchildren.

Detailed Content

The video starts off on Saturday November 3rd with my coat of arms forming the introduction as I had just received it. I start with a piece to camera (1m10s) explaining the film and then I interview Debbie and then we cut to the back garden (02m30s) and the front (02m50s) where I do a commentary as we tour the outside of the property, our old house and our new gardens with the cows grazing opposite. The Post and wall dovecotes ready for the fantails to arrive the next day. My shed (5m55s) and Dick City (06m5s) and my 13 ducks soon after. The cars, bikes and back gardens and Daniel with his friend Paul then Debbie in the sandpit. Diana in her new kitchen (8m40s) making my party food. John and Brenda visit (99m10s) together with their children Rebecca in her new hat and David eating with Daniel as we all sit down to my breakfast meal. The next day Sunday November 4th (10.45s) we host my Mum and Dad and there are nice scenes with their grandchildren. The new fantail doves arrive (12m40s) and are acclimatised in the dovecote and then we are back inside with our new open fire with the extended family again. Another birthday tea before the sequence finishes with Daniella being the star smiling.

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 11th April 2013. David Broad