Second Day Trip to Alton Towers



After yet another tense period of Computer industry politics on an IBM/BT merger where The Economist comes out against it, and then some time installing my wall-mounted dovecote , a second video film of the family visiting Alton Towers

Sunday 14th October 1984 – 41m14s - Second Day trip to Alton Towers


Another sunny Sunday away from things with the family; this time leaving at 8.30am and staying there for a long day until 5.30pm, half an hour before closing. Lots of rides and then a burgher and hot dog lunch before even more afterwards

Detailed Content

The video starts off outside Alton Towers, looking at the very low admission charges by today’s standards. Soon Daniel is on his Pirate Ship platform ride (1m10s) and then back to report and to have another go. Della in her carry cot (3m20s) and then Debbie in a climbing tunnel (3m35s) as Diana watches (4m30s) her climb a frame (6m10s). Nice picture of Della trying to smile in Di’s arms (6m20s and 08m15s) as she dotes on her. Debbie again climbing (7m20s) before and after climbing. Caterpillar train, Flying ride, and more Pirate Ship with Daniel again. Talking about it (20m40s) before the giant wheel and flying seats. Then the Big Dipper before we all try a ride on the miniature train with Diana speaking to camera (31m0s) as we make our way through the dinosaur wood to end the day as the cable cars were too busy. Diana sits (34m10s) as the kids have their final play before we walk around the grounds and then a paddle boat trip (36m45s) against the background of the castle before we go out to the car to then drive home.

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 10th April 2013. David Broad