Day Trip to Woburn Safari Park



After another tense period of Computer industry politics on an IBM/BT merger, a video film of the family visiting The Woburn Safari Park

Sunday 7th October 1984 – 37m59s - Day trip to The Woburn Safari Park


An outing delayed with Diana sleeping in bed with a tummy upset as I make the morning breakfast and then we get out and going on the journey to Woburn, Bedfordshire, to see Animnal safari Park; stopping off for a Little Chef meal on the way

Detailed Content

The video starts off looking at a Bacterian Camel (00m10s) and then we follow the line of cars and enter the park proper and the kids enjoy some rides on a cold day (1m20s). Diana and the carry cot wheels (02m15s) and then Daniel on the (2m30s) flying platform as he talks about it afterwards Debbie and Daniel love the helter-skelter (07m30s) as Diana watches (11m55s). Debbie on the mini-roundabout (12m47s) with the man whizzing them round and then the gentle ride (16m30s). Diana on the galloper (17m0s) . The Woburn tourist train (21m30s) and then a visit to pets corner (22m0s) with Daniel and Debbie looking at rabbits, parrots, ducks, finches, flamingos, ponies, goats, chickens, porcupines, sheep, and then a long ride on the funicular ‘Sky Ride’ (27m10s) with Della awake for once and showing herself to be quite fit and chubby as we pick up the animals. This lasts until nearly the end of the film with making an appearance (at 35m45s) before Daniel has another trip on the platform ride before the end.

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 10th April 2013. David Broad