Shuttleworth Collection



After a more relaxing period, a video film of the family visiting The Shuttleworth Collection

Sunday 30th September 1984 – 49m10s - Day trip to The Shuttleworth Collection


A more relaxed outing and a shorter journey to Bedfordshire to see this collection of historic aircraft, motor cars and traction engines. The earlier cloudy weather cleared up and made for a good day. This collection, made in the memory of a young aviator, flying enthusiast and aircraft collector who died in a Second World War flying accident.

Detailed Content

The video has many biplanes and monoplanes both in the air and on the ground. Historic motor cars (4m40s), traction engines (10m39s) with the climax being the Gloster Gladiator and Spitfire (30m0s) flying display.

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 10th April 2013. David Broad