First Day Trip to Alton Towers



Our first video film of the family visiting Alton Towers on a fine day, set on the top of a hill on the site of an old castle. This, leaving late after the kids reluctantly agree to go!

Sunday 16th September 1984 – 29m48s - Day trip to Alton Towers


I had been working hard for some days, having been dragged back into Computer Industry political affairs after my supposed retirement, and this Sunday was an opportunity to get out with the family. Daniel was upset as he had to go and leave his friend Paul behind; taking our new video equipment, leaving at 11am and averaging 100mph on the motorways before arriving at 2pm! They very much enjoy it eventually and we leave around 6.30pm, resolving to return soon.

Detailed Content

The sequence opens with video footage of the entrance to Alton Towers (00m6s) with lots of walking and then a jazz band playing in the shadow of the castle at the Mississippi Steamer (00m38s), which music features for much of the tape . It continues with the paddle boats . The funicular railway, (1m50s), Ingestre Café Restaurant and mechanical organ (2m55s) in the castle area as Della sleeps (3m30s). Diana, Daniel and Debbie on the Wild Water Flume, (06m0s) as I film and look after Della until they eventually emerge (14m0s) and I do a close up interview afterwards. Other rides including the ‘spider’ ride with lots of screaming. Then a gentle roundabout (19m25s) and other rides before the Dragon Mini-roller coaster (24m0s) to end the sequence

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 10th April 2013. David Broad