London Weekend



Time to get away and enjoy a weekend at a London Hotel with the children

Saturday 29th December to Monday 31st December 1984 – 6m10s - London Holiday Inn Anniversery weekend


This Holiday Inn excursion was just after our 26th Wedding Anniversary on the 28th December and features a homely weekend staying in this London Hotel, the kids eating and playing at McDonalds, swimming in the hotel pool and cuddling up with Daniella at bedtime.

Detailed Content

The video starts off on Saturday December 29th at Room 347 The Holiday Inn and Daniel shows us around as we join the familyin the room as Diana changes Della, who lays quietly and happily therafter. A family meal then next day on Sunday December 30th in MacDonalds (2m35s) as they play on the equipment. And then swimming in the hotel pool (4m0s). We wake the next day on Monday December 31st (5m5s) as the kids cuddle in bed.

Summarised from journal entries transcribed 11th April 2013. David Broad